The Night At Office (5/5)

One night the bake shop owner was besotted. He made up his mind to put an end to Meera’s life.

 He with the help of a witch planned to perform black magic on her.


He collected all the stuff of Meera’s that is required for black magic with help of the wing watchman.


The witch casted evil spells on full moon day at a place inhabited by the tortured souls of dead. The evil spirits were evoked by the spells and ceremonies that night. The witch chopped off buffalo’s head as a part of ceremony and with the smell of blood, the evil spirits were provoked.


That night when Meera was in office, sitting at her cubicle, some invisible evil force caught her neck with a thump and banged on the desk with a heavy bump!


She was terror struck and moaned with torturous pain. She didn’t know where it came from. Later that night when she was home she had started experiencing weird things like some crows pecking her face, someone is haunting her. Meera’s life was hell after the black force took control of her life. She was affected with madness & insanity and her life became disturbing.


Having not been able to bear the anguish, she has planned to commit suicide. One night when she was office, as usual after eating her favorite chocochip cookies, she drank poison and felt unconscious soon.


Her lover, the cab driver who came to know that she had planned to give away her life rushed to the floor and admitted her in the hospital but it was too late to have a chance over her life.


The cab driver wept profusely and when he was returning office from the hospital, he met with a brutal accident and died. 

The spirits of the cab driver and Meera tormented the wing watchman and the bake shop owner and eventually killed them. The death of them is still strange to every one of them as autopsy didn’t reveal the cause.

From that day their spirits didn’t leave this world, they kept haunting the people who ever sat at the cubicle 004.

I have experienced a plethora of emotions when the admin was done illustrating the story. 

“Why didn’t the spirits leave this world after killing them”, I asked him.

“Some spirits stay earthbound if their wishes aren’t fulfilled”, he answered.

I nodded and I thought I should consult the demonologists to wipe the spirits off the floor. May be someone like Ed and Lorraine Warren. 


Suddenly I felt someone is calling me, this time louder and It’s hard to open my eyes I took some time to awake and I started to sweat with my heart pounding. I realized all that was a dream. 10 missed calls I read on the phone screen. The clock ticked away and I rushed to the office as I was already late for my night shift. I reached my office and sat at my cubicle. Sometime later I saw  a flyer waving in the air and it reached my cubicle and the number 004 is written on it………



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