Story made! 


Generally the movies were shot after the script is written and ready but what if the story is weaved from the scenes of the movie. Weird, right?

Well read on,

He with a blazer cycling through the fresh breeze to his village after a long time. The fragrance of the soil digged his past times. He bumped into someone which brought him memory down the lane and the bucketful water fell down. He was younger then when he turned his head, only to witness a beautiful girl with her two half-curl hair strands waving on either side of the nose. The music started to flow through his body when he saw her worried & angry eyes. She was mumbling and checking herself if she got bruised, meanwhile he saw the water flowing towards her and he held her hand to help. She held back her hand in protest. He kept staring at her which irked her and she walked off. Later as usual when she arrived and lied down near the water-pump to fill water in the bucket, he from behind sat down and caressed his face on her hair with a cheerful smile. She blushed and took a fistful of water and sprinkled onto his face. She looked back and glared at him and moved laughingly.

This memory brought him goosebumps. He could still see his girl, a typical innocent village girl dancing around him holding the bucket when he use to see her in those adolescent days…..

PS: I have actually made up this story by watching the video of the most famous Bollywood song ‘o rangrez’ from the movie ‘Bhaag Milka Bhaag’.

Here you can watch the song video


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